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Chain Drives

We boast one of the largest stockholdings in the East of England, and this includes a vast array of drive chain and sprockets from the world's leading manufacturers. Below is a list of the types of drive chain products we keep in stock:

  • British Standard BS Drive Chain (Simplex/Duplex/Triplex)

  • American Standard ASA Drive Chain (Simplex/Duplex/Triplex)

  • Connecting/Offset Links & Cranks to suite all BS & ASA sizes

  • Lubrication-free Roller Chain

  • Corrosion protected Roller Chain

  • Attachment Chain

  • Taper Lock & Pilot Bore Sprockets (Simplex/Duplex/Triplex)

  • Taper Lock Bushes

  • Chain Tensioners

  • Conveyor Chain (See our Conveyor Solutions Page)

  • Chain Breakers


Can't find what you're looking for? Complete the enquiry form below, give us a call or pop in-store and we can provide you with the drive chain to suite your application. Or if your looking at designing a chain drive and need expert advice and equipment, we'd be happy to help!

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